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Our Latest Book, where YOU are the author!

When you turn the first page of this book, YOU are the author! Make sure you have a pencil, pen, and crayons ready. Let the adventures begin! Join favorite characters from the Ren & Friends series as you dream, imagine, write, and doodle your way to amazing stories. We will also color, search for words, share giggles, and do some other fun activities along the way. We love having YOU as part of our writing team! No one has ideas like YOU.

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The Ren & Friends Series

Book 1: The End   

How do you begin at the end? Follow Anne, Liz, and Bobbi Jane through inspiring adventures in the first book in the Ren & Friends Series, "The End." This book is all about the way every ending is a new opportunity. Great book for back to school, graduation, a big move, or a new sporting adventure.

Book 2:  The Sky Is Falling!?

You won't want to miss the great story told by Sunshine. Sunshine is a smart and sassy girl sharing her story in her words. Our series is a great opportunity for kids of all ages to read about girls having fun and using their imagination. 

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